K-S Multi~Wave Screw Press

  • Simple installation
  • Easy operation
  • Low energy usage
  • Low polymer consumption
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Very low washwater requirements
  • Low operating costs

Komline-Sanderson’s Multi~Wave Screw Press is designed to obtain high volume reduction and high hydraulic throughput at a low polymer dose. The design provides for low maintenance costs and long operational life in the highly corrosive atmosphere of sludge treatment.

As a thickener and dewatering device combined in one unit, polymer consumption is reduced because progressive stabilization is achieved through the aggressive removal of water in the thickening zone. The unit self-regulates  to achieve the highest cake solids in one step.

Alternating fixed and moving rings are secured around the screw. The inner diameter of the moving rings is smaller than the outer diameter of the screw so the moving rings are pushed out by the larger screw and continuously clean sludge out of the gaps preventing clogging. The K-S Multi~Wave can deliver pumpable thickened sludge or conveyable dewatered cake.

A built in thickening zone can eliminate the need for a separate thickener, sludge storage, or dosing facilities. Our dewatering Multi~Wave screw press is an all in one construction that allows it to be compact and economical. The K-S Multi~Wave runs in unattended automatic mode that requires minimal oversight thus lowering labor costs. As shown in the tables it also has low energy and water consumption.