Komline-Wyssmont Clean Sight Window

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The Komline-Wyssmont Clean-Sight Window is for continuous observation of sealed systems where cleaning the inside face of a sight glass is necessary during operation.

In many sight glasses the inside face clouds up so it can no be longer be used by operating personnel. Komline-Wyssmont’s Clean-Sight solves this problem for applications where the sight glass may not be opened. Komline-Wyssmont’s Clean-Sight is a unique type of sight glass viewing port consisting of a sliding glass panel which seals against an “O” ring. It is constructed of Cast Iron, Aluminum, Type 316 Stainless Steel.

The Clean-Sight is sealed at all times during use and cleaning. The glass slides, to be cleaned a shown in the picture, without having to open the unit or enter the system.

Standard Features

  • 3/8″ Pyrex glass
  • TFE “O” ring seal
  • Flange for bolt mounting in flat or low curvature walls or pipe flange
  • Long neck for mounting in walls to 2″ thick
  • Spring loaded tightening devices
  • Temperature constructions from minus 60°F, to plus 400°F.
  • Pressure constructions from 8″ Hg. vacuum thru atmosphere to 2 psig.

Optional Features

  • 1/2″ Pyrex glass
  • Pressure construction to 15 psig.
  • Vacuum construction
  • Thumb screw tightening devices
  • Backup plate for insulated or panel walls
  • Acrylic sheet viewing slide
  • Explosion proof viewing light with mounting bracket
  • Internal purging connection for dust or to eliminate condensation
  • Spray nozzle washing connection
  • Drainage connection fro washing or condensation
  • Retaining bars fro limited travel of glass