Our Markets

Environmental Applications

Komline-Sanderson’s pumping, thickening, dewatering, and drying technologies are used to help both municipal and industrial wastewater (sewage) treatment plants reduce their sludge and biosolids disposal cost. Thickening greatly reduces the sludge volume for land application or improved digester performance. Belt press dewatering meets landfill disposal requirements for cake solids.

Indirect drying allows for disposal cost reduction and for the beneficial use of biosolids as soil amendments (fertilizers), sludge as fuel (green fuel), or the production of marketable by-products. The K-S Paddle Dryer can be heated with either steam or thermal fluid (hot oil).

Wastewater clarification using dissolved air flotation systems or precoat discharge rotary drum vacuum filters allows industrial plants to meet effluent discharge requirements and avoid costly surcharges.

Process Solutions

K-S Filtration and Thermal Processing Products have been applied in chemical, petrochemical, food, pharmaceutical, and mineral processing plants.

K-S Rotary Drum Vacuum Filters are used for dewatering slurries, cake washing, and clarification of liquid products in many industries. The K-S Horizontal Vacuum Filter allows for multiple cake washing stages and can process fast settling materials.

The K-S Paddle Dryer and K-S Paddle Processor are used for drying, heating, and cooling of pastes, powders, and granules. Uniform mixing allows for high heat transfer rates. Low moisture or solvent levels can be achieved in an enclosed process.

Flue Gas Cleaning

Wet scrubber sludges are dewatered and washed with K-S Rotary Drum Vacuum Filters and K-S Horizontal Vacuum Filters to produce dry filter cake and marketable by-product gypsum. Continuous operation, minimal operator attention, and low maintenance cost make vacuum filtration an ideal choice.

The K-S Rotary Atomizer produces optimum reagent (lime slurry) droplet size in dry (semi-dry) scrubbers used for acidic flue gas neutralization. The K-S direct drive design provides the reliability needed in this critical service.